Since 2005 "Tech-ex Cup" startup a Video Contest for higher education students to show off their work, moreover, 2011(6th) "Tech-ex Cup" start go global, at 2014(9th) divide the competition system into two round, Preliminary Round and Final Round; which able to increase the students’ motivation to attend the contest from each region, also select those outstanding production to give out reward; First Class Award of Preliminary Round will be automatically qualify to compete in Final Round, which able to compete with other production from Mainland China and global in honor.

Keep Innovative, leading forward, connect with global, increase communication, and expand the sight, which are one of the missions of "Tech-ex Cup". Since 2014(9th) "Tech-ex Cup" is so lucky, able to support by UNESCO (Hong Kong) and SMPTE, since 2015(10th) Association of China Trend Studies (HK) also join in as associate organizer. To organize different series of professional events, to provide education of technical and talent skills, also held a media creative summer camp, which leads the youngster to see the world.

The Jury Panelists include professional tutors from educational industry support to be the Preliminary Round Jury Panelists; also will invite professionals from the media industry to be the Final Round Jury Panelists as well, to increase the judgment into a professional level.

"Tech-ex Cup" Awards Ceremony which will be held in different university which support as Co-organizer. There will be a series of high-end event to let all the university leadership and students to gather around, such as Educational Forum, Production Sharing; also will hold a professional technical training, since 2014(9th) winners might have a chance to attend the free training (cost 3,000 RMB) and attend the media creative summer camp for free (cost 10,000 RMB).
  1. Application Deadline
    15 Dec 2015
  2. Submission Deadline
    25 Dec 2015(arrive IUSVC office date)
  3. Online Voting
    15th March ~ 15th April 2016
  4. Selection Period
    February ~ April 2016
  5. Award Ceremony
    28th May 2016
    (Lanzhou University of Arts and Science . Gansu Province)
Competition System

Preliminary Round → Final Round


1. Documentary
2. Short Features
3. Animation
4. Promotion Video
5. Cult Video


Require within 30mins

Theme Section

1. Environmental
2. Historical Sites
*Also accept any production not related to above theme.

Target Candidates

University Students (Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate)

Preliminary Round

Awards of each group
(North, Western, East, South Central, Outside of Mainland China)
Each Genre :

First Class Award (2 places)
Second Class Award (3 places)
Third Class Award (3 places)

Final Round

Best Documentary, Best Short Features,
Best Animation, Best Promotion Video,
Best Cult Video, Best Cinematographer,
Best Editor, Best Sound Design,
Best Director, Best Screenwriter,
Best Environmental Video,
Best Historical Sites Video,
Best Video of 2016,
U.Tech Most Popular Video
(3 places)

Final Round Panelists
  1. Lau Shing Hon

    Senior Producer and Director (HK)

  2. Joe Chan

    Senior Cinematographer (HK)

  3. Gu Tao

    Independent Documentary Director

  4. Wang Gang

    Recording Director,
    Sound Designer,
    Recording/Mixing Engineer

  5. Wang Youcai

    Senior Reporter, Former CCTV-4 Director of Administration Department

  6. Zhou Xinxia

    Beijing Film Academy,
    Department of Directing

  7. Emily Wong

    Freelance Animator,
    Chairman of Hong Kong Animation Filmmaker Society

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